About Us

Wooden Watches Club as our name suggest we love the majestic and raw beauty of nature our watches are not just a time piece. Regardless of where or when you are in life, as a product of nature, our watches are meant to not only help you make the most out of your time, but also to serve as a daily reminder to celebrate the natural world and to reflect on your individuality. We've partnered with www.pledgeling.com meaning we will donate a portions of each sale towards reforestation and helping to combat green house gas emissions.This will help ensure that the beauty of nature will never fade.

Benefits Of Reforestation

When wildfire, insects or disease impact our National Forests it can have a number of far reaching negative effects. Fortunately, reforestation helps. The timely establishment of seedlings helps jumpstart forest recovery. Read below to learn about the different ways that reforestation supports us and our forests. 

Watershed Health

Our National Forests are the largest single source of fresh water in the United States, supplying millions of Americans with water. Reforestation helps halt soil erosion, and ensure that our forests can filter and supply the water that we all depend on. 

Forest Health and Resiliency

Reforestation after disturbances improves forest health. By planting the right species, reforestation helps makes our forests more resilient to future challenges like climate change and wildfire. 

Wildlife Habitat

Our National Forests provide habitat for an incredible diversity of wildlife. These lands provide habitat for more than 3,000 vertebrate species and innumerable invertebrates.  Nearly one third of federally listed threatened and endangered species (more than 400 species) are known to depend upon National Forest habitats.  

Air Quality

As trees grow and consume air, they remove harmful pollutants from the air. Reforestation helps re-establish forest cover and improve our “natural air filter.”

Climate Mitigation

U.S. forests offset between 10 to 20 percent of U.S. emissions each year.  Reforestation helps sustain and increase the carbon sequestration potential of our forests, mitigating the effects of global climate change. 

Seed source for the future

Disturbances can sometimes be so severe that they can affect the forests ability to regenerate for decades to come. Planting trees helps establish a seed source to give our forests a better shot at quick recovery.


The links between our mental and physical well-being and nature are clear. We’re happier and less stressed when we spend time in nature. By replanting our forests, we’re helping to make more space for you to find peace of mind.  


Our National Forests provide Americans with endless opportunities to go play.  Reforestation helps improve the quality of recreational visits for the estimated 160 million visits per year. 


Our tree planting projects are planted by professional forestry workers. In addition to restoring forest cover, our projects make sure there is sustained economic opportunity for these professionals.